ROB HARP Photographer


Hi! I'm a photographer based in central Mexico.


In my early years, three were 3 cameras that I had access to, a browning "Box" camera, a kodak and agfa Click I camera.


On one occasion when I was about 16 years old, an accident occurred near where we lived, unfortunately two people died when a small plane crashed.


When I heard the story, I ran to buy roll of film and headed towards the area of the accident .

I was trying to take photos, but without knowledge and no experience plus the fact that I was a teenager , the authorities did not let me into the accident scene, however I managed the situation and it was a bit difficult to have a better images.


But I knew from that moment that photography would be one of my obsessions in life.

Subsequently, I acquired an enlarger with all the accessories, and there was a good opportunity to learn everything that was available in this fascinating world.

Years later from 1982 to 2002, I dedicated myself to teach photography specializing in underwater photography.

Many of my images has been published in scuba books and other publications.


I had the opportunity to meet, and did some photography work with the well known photographer Mr. Ernest Brooks II. (Brooks Institute of photography),  The excellent Underwater film maker Terry Kennedy (ex-NAVY SEALS) Author of many winning awards of underwater documentaries, among other photography industry celebrities.

To this day I'm still passionate about teaching and capturing images and the study of each subject with a special preference in Architecture,  wildlife, urban, still life, anthropological / etnographic studies and some underwater photography.


Many people I meet ask me a common question about why my most of my photo work are in black and white.

Well, to me, there's always been a facination on how the brain works when our eyes study an image, there is nothing better than seeing a picture in its monochromatic form, with no colors that distract the mind.